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Gerlinde Manz-Christ - Vortrag beim Medicinicum in Lech am Arlberg

Old knowledge for new
strength and serenity today.

Dr. Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Hi-tech vs Nature-smart:

Reduce stress, find meaning, experience joy, make clear decisions

The future in the digital world belongs to the “nature-smart”. They are associated with and find clarity for making good decisions in the midst of nature. With the right inner attitude they survive the challenging everyday life and stay fit for the future

Indigenous peoples, whether in the European Alps or in North America, who have always had to survive under harsh conditions, have always drawn from nature as a source of strength and inspiration. Make use of this wisdom for your own personal path and goals. An inspiring lecture with surprising perspectives.

Fit and healthy with the right nutrition:

Stay healthy and happy, and be efficient in whatever you do

Nowadays, there are countless, sometimes contradictory, dietary recommendations. It is becoming increasingly difficult to know what to eat. “Balanced diet, vegan diet, not too much fat, not too many carbohydrates, not too sweet, not too salty …” Who should keep track? With this lecture you will have clarity. 

You will get to know a form of nutrition that makes you more efficient, more balanced, healthier and happier: the whole-food diet full of vital substances. After the presentation, indulge and let yourself be convinced by a whole-food tasting.

Japanese Forest Medicine:

Strengthen health – promote healing

Forest Medicine, or ‚forest bathing’ from the Japanese 森林浴 – shinrin’yoku, is a traditional Japanese form of therapy, used to strengthen health and promote healing. In many clinics forest therapy is used as a complementary form of therapy to Western ‘school’ medicine. Since 2012, forest medicine has been an individual branch of medical research at Japanese universities.

Numerous studies worldwide prove the health-promoting qualities of a stay in the forest with the right activities. ‚Forest bathing’ – 森林浴 has a long tradition in Japan. But it is anchored in one form or another in almost all cultures of the world.

Forest medicine is ideal for stress reduction, for strengthening the immune system, for clarity and creativity, as well as for more strength and serenity in everyday life.

I worked in a Japanese company in Sapporo, on Hokkaido Island in northern Japan, for two years. 

One day my colleague and her parents took me on a trip to the inner part of the island. There, for the first time, I experienced wonderful forest bathing myself and was very impressed by the feeling of wellbeing within a very short time.

In this speech you will learn and experience how you can easily stay strong and calm in the stressful everyday life with Japanese forest medicine and how you can get more nature into your life.

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