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Nature – Your power source

Do you sometimes want more energy for the many activities that you should do at the same time, with precision, patience, and friendliness? A protective shield to meet the daily challenges of the partner, the family, the company, the
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Die Natur - Deine Kraftquelle

Gaining inner strength and serenity

Today I would like to give you some tips on how to prepare yourself for difficult situations, in conflicts and crises, and how to build more personal resilience. Again and again, I am asked how best to communicate with others in difficult situations.
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Hiking works wonders

Breathe deeply, feel nature, enjoy the view. Hiking and mountaineering are good for body and soul. Hiking is both a means of prevention and an adjunctive therapy for lifestyle diseases. The proven positive health effects of hiking in the mountains are so ingenious that
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Wandern wirkt Wunder

Safety while hiking

Wandern ist eine sehr sichere und gesunde Sache, wenn man ein paar einfache Dinge beachtet.alp Für viele werden die folgenden Tipps in die Kategorie „eh klar“ fallen. Doch gerade diese „eh klar“-Dinge werden oft nicht beachtet oder auf die leichte Schulter genommen. Oft mit
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Sicherheit beim Bergwandern