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Do you sometimes wish for more energy for the many activities that you should do at the same time, with precision, patience, and friendliness?

A protective shield to better master the daily challenges posed to you by your partner, family, company, employees or colleagues?

Or do you want more clarity for the umpteen decisions that you have to make every day? More clarity and courage for your communication, especially in delicate situations, which often are open invitations for embarrassing mistakes?

Not seeing the forest for the trees

The solution is so close, but as so often we do not see the forest for the trees. Since earliest youth, I have been dealing with ancient wisdom and the knowledge of different indigenous peoples, all of whom aim to be in harmony with nature. They understand nature as an inexhaustible source of power. I like to combine this knowledge with new scientific findings in order to make it usable and directly applicable for our everyday lives in the digital age. In my opinion, with this we are prepared for the sometimes tough conditions and current challenges in everyday working life and in private life.

Old knowledge and modern science

More and more interdisciplinary studies clearly show that we need contact with nature for our health as well as for our emotional and mental well-being. Even simple things like placing plants in an office or viewing a nature picture on a computer screen have a positive effect on our well-being. Many studies also show concrete health benefits, if time is spent regularly in nature.

Thus, extended walks under trees – whether in the park, in the forest or otherwise in nature – strengthen our health and even protect against influenza-like infections. Oaks, lime trees, and tree mates emit fragrances that protect them from bacteria while warning other plants of the pathogens. The human body reacts to this type of communication and activates its immune system.

Nature communication in the digital age

In addition, when we consciously connect with nature, we tap into a powerful and at the same time almost inexhaustible source of energy in our lives. The connection with nature happens via our senses. When we bring our senses to life, we discover an expanded perception that ultimately leads to a sense of well-being and balance that we often lose in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The sharpened perception of our senses is the conscious antipole to our increasingly narrow tunnel vision, which we acquire through constant on-screen glare of a larger or smaller electronic device. With an expanded look, in-depth hearing, feeling and sensing with all our senses, we experience a new fullness in our relationship with the world around us. This abundance and liveliness enriches us, sometimes astonishes us, fills our inner emptiness, which we often go through to ‘shop’ until we fall over or try to fill other ‘narcotics’. Because even though we are part of this world, we feel more and more disconnected and lonely. More and more people are asking themselves, “What am I doing here?”, Where should all this lead to? “Connection with nature touches us, puts things in the right light and makes sense again.

What you can do

Treat yourself to a time-out with the weekend retreat “Old knowledge for new strength and serenity today” and learn to use this ancient knowledge for you personally. Here you can find more information.