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Are you as well networked as you can be networked these days? “Friends” and “colleagues” all over the world? Meetings, network events, private appointments until you drop.

But do you often feel inexplicably lonely? Then you are in good company! More and more people feel a strange inner emptiness that they are trying to fill with more and more social media activity, countless parties in real life, or shopping until they drop. Deep attachment to nature helps here. In this article I show you how.

The human – the networked being

In an increasingly globalized, seemingly ever-shrinking, densely networked world, this interesting paradox is becoming ever more apparent. Some people do not even notice it. They find their behavior completely normal because it is common in their environment and therefore according to the postmodern norm. However, this trend is relatively young and goes hand in hand with the developments of digitization, globalization and, in particular, rapidly increasing urbanization worldwide.

We move further and further away from our natural environment, the original nature. We experience nature in the cities more and more as small anorexic trees that brave their existence in exactly preformed outlets in the street asphalt instead of their powerful old predecessors, bringing joy to the attentive walker.

The human connecting system

But more and more interdisciplinary studies clearly show that we need the right contact with nature for our physical health as well as for our emotional and mental well-being.

Not only do we have a nervous system, a cardiovascular system and an immune system, but we also have a ‘composite system’ that instinctively makes us long to connect with nature, with the family, with a community, even with us itself. However, this need is not well covered today. We feel lonely in an otherwise totally networked world.

For example, cracks arise in connection with the organizations in which we work because the organization demands of us certain things that are increasingly opposed to our personal thoughts and attitudes. But because our thinking and feeling in the opposite direction (yet) is not strong enough to move us to a course change, we continue. These differences between external demands and inner aspirations and needs are often ignored or accepted, in the opinion that one can not change anything ‘. But that can take revenge because these differences can quickly turn into something bigger, including depression or burnout.

Nature connection – Your friend and helper

A first step is the awareness and the view from a higher point of view, what is really going on here. Lens, watching, not judgmental. Clarify yourself. Here, extended walks under trees help – whether in the park, in the forest or otherwise in nature, to reconnect with nature and, ultimately, with itself.

When we are fully present, without the mental distraction of difficulties we have had in the past, or worries about the future, we can have this deep connection with nature, this union with nature, with the family, with one Community, and ultimately experienced with ourselves.

In this way, we can relax, recharge our batteries, shake off the stress of everyday life, and accept what is real – we get into the flow of life and bring in our unique gifts that we all have every moment.

What you can do

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