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peace | strength | power

Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Nature diplomat
Nature and Mountain Hiking Guide

peace | strength | power

Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Nature diplomat
Nature and Mountain Hiking Guide

Excursions, retreats, speeches with Gerlinde Manz-Christ

02 Jul – 03 Sep 2019           each Tuesday 

Tour Guided tour in the Natura 2000 site Verwall

Silbertal / Montafon, Austria

03 Jul – 04 Sep 2019           each Wednesday 

Excursion Natura 2000 site Wiegensee – mysterious moor landscape and picturesque mountain idyll

Partenen / Montafon, Austria

10 – 13 Oct 2019

Retreat „Fit for Change?!“

Kristberg, Montafon, Austria

Grüass Di and a warm welcome!

How are you? Maybe you just need a break from

  • the daily challenges posed by your partner, family, company, employees, and colleagues?
  • Do you wish for more serenity and personal sovereignty, especially in stressful times?
  • A protective shield of inner clarity and mental strength, where pressure and stress simply bounce off?

Do you want to finally

  • be able to air your head and breathe deeply?
  • think of nothing, breathe in spicy, clear air, hear bird songs and absorb sun rays with all pores?
  • leave the everyday worries down in the valley on a hike in the mountains … just enjoy a “change of scenery” for a day?
Then leave all this stress and anger behind you and join me in nature and in the mountains.

Deep nature connection strengthens your health, promotes your resilience, and lets you relax. You get clarity and power for your next milestones in your professional as well as personal life. You’ll regain clarity and composure to make powerful decisions.

And one more thing: I’ll show you how you can sharpen your senses in harmony with nature in order to always have orientation in your life. So you also master the next changes, digital steps, and challenges.

You experience nature as a source of power and inspiration, you gain clarity and serenity, new strength and joy for everyday life, and you see meaning in your actions again.

On this path, I support and accompany you with joy and enthusiasm.


Nature is an inexhaustible
source of power and inspiration.

Gerlinde Manz-Christ



Gerlinde Manz-Christ beim Medicinicum in Lech am Arlberg

You do not have time for a tour in nature? You want to offer your customers, employees, or members something special? Then book a one-hour speech.

An inspiring mini-break which lets you return to your everyday life with renewed strength.



Madrisa Rundtour Sommer - Wandertouren mit Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Do you want to get off the stressful everyday treadmill? Relax for a few hours and breathe again? Then come with me into nature and marvel at everything there is to discover.

You will return to everyday life with joy, strength, and renewed drive.



Kristbergbahn im Sommer - Erlebniswanderungen mit Gerlinde Manz-Christ

Are you facing an important decision or crossroads in your life? Do you finally want time for yourself to organize your thoughts and gain clarity about your next steps?

Then you are right here to find meaning and joy in your actions and in your life again.

Customer testimonials:

Gerlinde is an empathetic and competent mediator between nature and man. With her you dive into a world full of nature secrets, interesting surprises, and little wonders, within a short period of time.
(Andrea Fercher, Dornbirn, Austria)

Customer testimonials:

On the trail with Gerlinde – that’s more than just hiking. This is deceleration in nature and pure inspiration! Again and again, Gerlinde surprises me with her new theme hikes and helps me switch off perfectly.
(Elisabeth Baumgartner, Munich)

Customer testimonials:

Being able to experience Gerlinde’s storytelling is a real pleasure. Join, open your ears, listen and enjoy!
(Stefanie Kremmel, Lustenau)

Customer testimonials:

This was a beautiful hike, with exciting stories and interesting information. Many thanks!
(Johannes Malone, Oberägeri, Switzerland)

Customer testimonials:

Thanks for the great tour … We’ll be back!
(Christine T., Zürich)

Gerlindes tips for relaxation in the forest

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